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Weather Wars (2011)

posted by Watch Movies Online, Feb 22nd @ 4:27 pm

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  • Director:
  • Release Date: November 26, 2011
  • Run Time:
  • Genre: Sci-Fi

A series of freak weather occurrences around Washington D.C. reunites two estranged brothers who are the sons of a once prestigious climate scientist. One of them suspects their father is behind it and upon further investigation, they discover that all of their father’s enemies are dead – victims of freak weather accidents. Soon their suspicions are confirmed as their father hijacks radio and TV transmissions to relay the message that unless a certain Senator whom canceled his Defense Department contracts is handed over, the city of Washington D.C will suffer the consequences. As the brothers race to form a plan that can defeat their father, he lets loose a variety of diabolical weather weapons on the Smithsonian, Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, and National Mall!

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