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The Master (2012)

posted by Watch Movies Online, Feb 2nd @ 2:51 pm

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  • Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
  • Writers: Paul Thomas Anderson
  • Stars: Abraxas Adams , Andrew Koponen , Bruce Goodchild, Dan Anderson, Jay Laurence , Jeffrey W. Jenkins, Joaquin Phoenix, Kevin Hudnell, Matt Hering , Mike Howard, Patrick Biggs, Price Carson, Ryan Curtis, Sarah Shoshana David , Tina Bruna
  • Release Date: September 2012
  • Genre: Drama
  • Run Time: 144 min

"The Master" tells the story of a Naval veteran, returning from WWII, named Freddie Quell (Phoenix) who seems to have some form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After an attempt to go find some kind of normality in his life as a civilian, he begins to grow more and more aware of how disengaged he has become. One night, he stumbles upon a party on board a ship and becomes enraptured with an eccentrically charismatic man everyone on board refers to as The Master (Hoffman). It comes to light that The Master is the leader of a newly formed organization, whose objective is to "help" people discover a meaning to their lives, by having them engage in odd, repetitive and seemingly meaningless exercises. The Master soon becomes rather intrigued by Freddie’s submissive personality and takes him as his right-hand-man.

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