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Sexphone & the Lonely Wave (2003)

posted by Watch Movies Online, Feb 10th @ 2:34 pm

Watch Sexphone & the Lonely Wave movies online

  • Director: Chalermpol Bunnag
  • Release Date: June 06, 2003
  • Run Time:
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance

Deu is a well mannered man; more so than J, the self-confident, messy Thai-Australian girl who’s always ready to belt out a karaoke number no matter how late the hour. This makes Deu hate her, causing an ongoing quarrel that seems to get more serious everyday. Once, when J was brokenhearted, a gay friend gave her the telephone number of the radio DJ of a talk show called "The Lonely Wave". But it just so happens that the night J chooses to call him, Deu, usually the DJ’s assistant, is filling in while the usual DJ is on leave. Deu’s unpracticed jerky vocal delivery makes J think she’s talking with a madman or a simpleton, so she begins talking dirty with the stand-in DJ, completely forgetting that her sex talk is being broadcast live on air to the nation.

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