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  • Director: Gore Verbinski
  • Writers: John Logan (screenplay), John Logan (story)
  • Stars: Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Timothy Olyphant
  • Release Date: March 2011
  • Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Western
  • Run Time: 107 min

Rango is the story a wannabe thespian lizard (Johnny Depp) who’s only friends were the decorations in his tank until he is thrown onto the side of the road where he avoids oncoming cars and has an encounter with Roadkill (Alfred Molina) who tells of the Spirit of the West (Timothy Olyphant) who gives advice to those who make it to the other side of the road (It’s a metaphor). Insiting on getting some water, Roadkill points the Lizard towards the town Dirt in the middle of the desert. While making his way through the desert he encounters numerous things like Hawks, trees that stare at you, a rock like creature and a mariachi band made of birds.

Soon in the desert, the lizard, meets up with Beans (Isla Fisher)an independent girl that is struggling to keep her father’s ranch. She takes him the rest of the way to Dirt where he walks into the local bar where at first he is harassed by the locals but being the Thespian that he is he quickly comes up with a character and a name, Rango. Rango tells the locals of how he took out the 7 Jenkin Brothers with one bullet. Soon, Rango’s stories get him into a draw with some of the bullies of Dirt which is interrupted with an attack by a hawk. Rango soon kills the bird and like in his stories and with a little luck he kills the bird with one bullet. After this heroic event, Rango is promoted to Sheriff of the town and then is assigned to find out where the water supply is going. This leads him to a number of action, duologue and sweet scenes with Rango and his Posse. When they get back to Town to no prevail, the water is completely gone. Rango has now had suspicions that the culprit of water supply is the Mayor (Ned Beatty). Now threatened, The Mayor calls in Rattle Snake Jake (Bill Nighy) who exiles Rango into the desert.

Rango makes his way back to the road where he decides that he must cross the road. When he makes it he has an encounter with The Spirit of the West. After taking his advice, Rango makes his way back to Dirt to save the day. After putting the pieces of the puzzle together Rango learns of the plan to destroy Dirt and comes up with a plan to save the Town. He then takes down the evil doers and saves dirt, becoming the permanent Sheriff of Dirt. Sheriff Rango.

When I went into this movie I had expectations, I was not disappointed! This movie was awesome. We definitely have a movie in the running for best animated movie of 2011. Where to begin? The Story, Overall the story was a refreshing one. It was in the formula of a western where you have slower scenes and then action sequences. It was balanced out perfectly. There was a lot of humor in the movie which was great because again there was a lot of it that was aimed towards older people and some who speak another language which i thought was great. Overall i think the story was bold and a lot of metaphoric parts of the story too. This story like I said was refreshing and definitely a 5/5.

The Characters, all of the characters were great and fun to watch and look at. They all had great details and unique designs to them. My favorite was probably Rattle Snake Jake. They all were entertaining and made the movie very enjoyable. 5/5. The animation: WOW!! What can i say? I was blown away by the animation. It was probably the most impressive animation in a film I’ve ever seen (next to Toy Story 3). Before the movie there was a trailer for Hoodwinked 2. That animation look horrible and made Rango look a lot more cool. There was so much eye candy in the film and soooooo much detail.Being someone who appreciates this kind of stuff this was awesome. 6/5 Overall the movie was great, the only thing i had a little problem with was the fact that Rattle Snake Jake’s screen time wasn’t a lot but the same fact also made him even more awesome. The movie was awesome and was definitely not just for kids. In fact that was another thing. I thought the movie towards the end, the movie got a little dark and overall i think the movie would have kept kids from age 0 – 7 may be bored or scared. Kids from age 8 – adults will love it. This movie was bold in that way though which was awesome and proof that animated films are not just for kids. Rango 10/10

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