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Irene (1940)

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  • Director: Herbert Wilcox
  • Release Date: April 23, 1940
  • Run Time: 101 mins
  • Genre: Comedy, Musical, Romance

Sent by her employers on an errand to the home of the wealthy Mrs. Vincent, O’Dare meets Don, a friend of Bob, Mrs. Vincent’s son. Attracted to , Don decides to invest some money in Bob’s latest venture, the "Madame Lucy" dress shop, in order to give a job there as a model. She is very successful and Bob also becomes attracted to her. Smith, the manager assigns and other models to display gowns at Mrs. Vincent’s charity ball, but ruins the gown she was to wear, and appears instead in a quaint blue dress that had belonged to her mother… and it is a big hit. A guest, Princess Minetti, places her as the niece of Ireland’s Lady O’Dare, and does not deny the relationship. Smith decides to set her up in a Park Avenue suite as the niece of Lady O’Dare, so that she can attend socially important gatherings wearing and displaying, of course, Madame Lucy gowns. A jealous model tells the truth to a newspaper columnist who writes an expose, which somewhat strains the relationship between and Don, who had been away, was unaware of the scheme and is the real owner behind the "Madame Lucy" front.

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