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Darkhunters (2004)

posted by Watch Movies Online, Feb 22nd @ 4:22 pm

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  • Director:
  • Release Date: May 18, 2004
  • Run Time: 84 mins
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery

They say the only thing you can depend upon in life is death. Charles Jackson is about to find out that isn’t true. Dying is a tricky process and mistakes get made. How many ghost stories have you heard over the years? And what is a ghost but a mistake of death, an unclaimed soul forgotten by God. Now his only hope to get to heaven is the mysterious Carol Miller, a Dark Hunter, whose job it is to return those souls to death before others find them, for a soul is a valuable commodity and there are those who do not serve God but a darker master, who would eagerly exploit this. creates a world of demons and angels that will take you beyond your imagination.

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