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Crazy Town

posted by Watch Movies Online, Apr 12th @ 4:35 am

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  • Director: Izzy Sparber
  • Release Date: February 26, 1954
  • Run Time: 6 mins
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi, Short

The story of a town where everything is topsy-turvy. For example, cars drive on the sidewalk while passengers walk in the middle of the road. At the furniture store, there is a 1/2 off sale (meaning all its merchandise is cut in half). At the zoo, the monkeys feed the people peanuts. After a pig is involved in a motorcycle crash, the paramedics take the motorcycle with them and leave him behind! A stork delivers a married couple to an expecting baby! At the Crazytown College, all its students grow up to become street cleaners and at the Crazytown Fite Club, the boxers relax and watch while the spectators brawl! Also, at the Crazytown Race Track, the horses ride the players. Meanwhile, there is a running gag involving a dog trying to build a house but constantly being thwarted. Eventually, his house is built but immediately floods. The Crazytown Fire Department comes to the rescue by spraying his house with fire demolishing it yet again!

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