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Chôjikû yôsai Macross II Lovers Again (1992)

posted by Watch Movies Online, Feb 21st @ 4:24 pm

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  • Director:
  • Release Date: May 21, 1992
  • Run Time: 3030 mins
  • Genre: Animation, Sci-Fi, Short

A new splinter race of the Zentraedi show up: the Marduk. While the Zentraedi were defeated by Lynn Minmay’s music, the Marduk have their own singers (emulators), spur their soldiers into battle. A reporter name Hibiki Kanzaki captures a Marduk emulator, Ishtar, while reporting on a battle, and proceeds to teach her of the happy-happy fun-fun nature of peace & love, which she shares with the rest of her people.

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